Corporate Accounts

Is your business using regular taxis for airports, short distance or long distance travel? You may already have a business account with another provider but you wish to cut your costs. We offer great flexibility in arranging and setting up business accounts to meet your travel logistics.

Corporate accounts allow you to manage your travel plans without the overhead of worrying about paying upfront for journeys. They are ideal for business or personal use and will allow you to book as many transfers as you wish.

By opening a business account with us, every business will benefit from the following:

  • Priority bookings for account customers.
  • Bespoke account features to meet your business needs.
  • Customised monthly invoices with complete list of bookings.
  • Complete details of bookings and prices.
  • Dedicated Accounts Manager.
  • Choice of payment methods.

For more details on how we can help, please contact us today.